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Hasyimah Harith (Singapore) is a Malay-Muslim female artist that performs, choreographs and teaches Malay folk dance. Using her body as the starting point, Hasyimah works with the Malay traditions and eroticism, as a way to reclaim agency over her body.

Her working methods involve strategies of boosting libido such as fantasy and intimacy. Her works hope to confront and overcome the conditioned shame and grief that is often attached to female eroticism. 

Hasyimah is Company Manager of P7:1SMA (pronounced as Prisma), a dance company formed in 2016 that believes dance is a strategy, and Malay is a concept. She is a trained Visual Arts educator who specialises in teaching how to create and appreciate Art. Since 2010, Hasyimah contributes as a Malay dance instructor and choreographer at Azpirasi. She is an Artist-facilitator in the Performing Arts Faculty at ART:DIS.

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