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Connect with SEA (Gender & Sexuality): Residency Onsite & Online (2022)

An online residency project organised by Thinkers’ Studio (Taiwan) and co-organized with Dance Nucleus (Singapore), Pineapple Lab (Philippines). It aims to start the conversation of gender & Sexuality  issues in society by building a platform to support the younger generation of artists who focus on Gender & Sexuality creations or research, by gathering a group of artists to develop or adapt ideas and collaborate internationally and also to find the similarity of gender issue artists from three different countries working closely in Southeast Asia. The second year of the project also hopes to further  deepen the creative network among SEA and by gathering creative support and administration resources from the co-organized.

Residency: About

Death of a Malay-Muslim Female Dancer (2021)

As a Malay dance practitioner in Singapore for about 10 years, I used to have a preconceived notion that Malay-Muslim female dancers stopped dancing as they had lost interest, moved on with motherhood and gave up. With my pregnant body now, I wonder if this is my fate too? Am I also going to lose myself through motherhood or my aging body? Is virginal young women only represented in Malay dance? 

After engaging with Nirmala Seshadri’s box, I found courage to question patriarchy in Malay dance. This first phase of a field study builds on a series of difficult conversations with inspiring women. I wish to listen to their stories and discover what empowers them to stop dancing.  

Residency: About
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