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 This was a Zoom performance.

(13th & 14th March 2021)  (21hr@Singapore / 14hr@Berlin / 8hr@New York)

In Singapore, Malay-Muslim women’s body is constantly controlled and monitored by the state and the religion. To them, we are not persons, we are just an instrument. The state sees our body as an economic and political tool to serve its nationalistic goals, while our religion reduces our body to the functions of child-bearing and care-giving. 

Daging (Malay word for meat) is about the conflict that I experience with the state and religious control, as a Malay-Muslim woman. Being pregnant awakens a new-found power and potential within my own body. The ability to create life makes me realise the divine and goddess in myself. Only I can know and decide what my body needs and wants. I use my pregnancy to resist the state and religious control over my body, and find my freedom within Singapore’s nationalistic and religious context.

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